About the conda category

Posts about using the conda program for package and environment management.

Which ‘conda’ are we talking about here?

Conda is both a larger ecosystem, what this web site is about; and the specific computer program conda, that does package and environment management, and is what the Users ⇒ conda category is about.

Confused? Well, it’s confusing. To distinguish between the two, we try (but often fail) to use the terms “conda ecosystem” or “conda and friends” to refer to the ecosystem, and conda (in monospace where possible) to refer to the program.

The conda program is what started it all. The conda ecosystem built up around conda and exists to enable people to use and create conda-compatible packages.

If you are using the conda program to install and manage software, and to maintain multiple, possibly conflicting, software environments on the same computer, then you are in the right place.