About the Contributors category

Conda ecosystem development and infrastructure. This is also the place to discuss ideas for improving the conda ecosystem.

Contributing is what open source projects are all about. This category focuses on contributions to the tool and infrastructure parts of the conda ecosystem, but there are many other ways to contribute to the conda ecosystem, including:

  • asking and answering questions (see Users),
  • building packages to bring new software into the conda ecosystem (see Package Builders),
  • improving this forum (see Site), and
  • hosting training and community events (see News).

If you are contributing to an existing tool, creating new tools, or creating and managing infrastructure to support the ecosystem, then you are in the right place

These topics have specific subcategories:

  • Infra - Infrastructure such as channels and lookup services
  • conda - Development discussions about the conda package and environment manager.
  • mamba - Development discussions about the conda-compatible mamba package and environment manager.
  • conda-build - Development discussion about the conda-build package for creating packages.

If your topic is not a good match for any of those subcategories then please ask your question directly in the Contributors category. If you would like a new subcategory created here, then please request it in the Site category.