Are there any publicly available conda-forge mirrors?

My company is paranoid about somebody violating the Anaconda commercial licensing terms, so it has blocked all access to * and * This, unfortunately, means I can no longer access conda-forge, as it redirects to

Are there any publicly available mirrors of conda-forge I can use?

We host one at


I know of, but it’s has a large latency.

If you want one that’s harder to block, you can try out the mirror on the Github container OCI registry :slight_smile:

It only works with pixi at this point in time and still needs some improvements (like storing the repodata in a more compressed fashion) but should work: Global Configuration - Pixi by

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Wow, that is cool that Pixi has support for mirrors. As far as I know, conda and mamba do not have such support? Here I mean listing multiple URLs for a channel and falling back to another one if the first one fails, rather than just changing the channel_alias to a different single URL.


I think this is actually possible in conda/mamba when you use the custom_multichannels setting:


That’s an example based on a couple mirrors listed in this thread.


@thath Ah, I missed that! I actually can’t find any description for custom_multichannels in the documentation (though it is listed) but it is good to know it exists.

Using mirrors seems like a deliberate attempt to circumvent your company’s security policy, so even if their policy is stupid (which it is), they might get upset if they caught you. I can’t believe they would be happy to see you downloading and running software from a Chinese site.

Really they should just block and let through.

You might try reporting bugs to IT every single day until they get sick of you and fix the policy.


I just wanted to update this comment by say that using the custom_multichannels setting is not how to configure mirror usage in conda! I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. There is currently no way to handle this use case in conda.