Build/packaging errors on macOS Silicon but works on x86_64

I am trying to package our application into an Anaconda package. For Windows x64 our setup worked just fine. (We were using boa build . for the time being). For MacOS x86_64, the same setup with a minor tweak for macOS worked just fine. Then I tried it on a macOS M1 machine to build a native arm64 and it looks like the compile works, the packaging works, but when the testing phase begins I am getting segfaults when the conda-build supplied otool is used. I found a bug report on GitHub that suggested using a small bit of bash script to substitute the otool from xCode instead. That does not see to help. I have tried all sorts of combinations of versions of conda-build, boa, python and conda. I just can’t seem to find a combination that will successfully produce a package. I am fairly new to the packaging with Anaconda. I’ve got almost 20 years of macOS software development so I feel like I have tried the obvious solutions that are presented in various bug reports but I am just stumped at this point.

Has anyone else seen any differences between packaging on intel versus arm macOS?

I just saw that at some point conda now uses libmamba for the default solver so I’m going to give “conda build .” a try and see what happens.

Tried these suggestions: AttributeError: 'CondaBuildSpec' object has no attribute 'split' · Issue #388 · mamba-org/boa · GitHub

Does anyone else have any thoughts?