Change install directory for miniconda3

Hello all,

I’ve been using conda for a couple weeks on my Debian 12 GNU/Linux system, and I’ve run into an question I can’t seem to figure out.
Is it possible to move ~/miniconda3 to a hidden file like ~/.conda or ~/.miniconda3?

I’ve tried messing with the configs and found that with all my configs pointing to the new directory if I mv ~/miniconda3 ~/.miniconda3 then a bunch of stuff gets fouled up because my PATH and several shebangs are still referencing the old ~/miniconda3. Chased this rabbit hole for a while with no luck.

Is this kind of location configuration supported?

For reference on the rest of my setup: I’m using bash as my shell, and I have not altered any configurations besides auto_activate_base (I’ve restored to a stable configuration after the aforementioned testing)


I think you could install it to such a location, but you can’t move it after it’s installed.