Conda-forge PySpice not working

I installed PySpice using pip to a conda environment called myenv. However, when I try to import PySpice on VS Code I get an error that says " ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘PySpice’ "

I then tried to download PySpice using conda-forge which was recommended on the official PySpice website, but I’m receiving this message:

Does anybody know how I might be able to run my code?

What is the version of Python in your conda environment? It looks like the most recent builds on conda-forge are almost 2 years old, and aren’t available for the latest versions of Python.

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It looks up to date and you can see pyspice there as well. If what you are saying is the case, should I just not use the Conda environment?

Right, it’s too up-to-date. From what I see, the pyspice on conda-forge only is available for Pythons up to 3.10. Assuming you don’t need any new features of Python 3.11, you could create an environment using Python 3.10 and try to install pyspice in that. (Note that this will likely not have any effect on the VS Code error, which may have to do with setting up VS Code to recognize/use your conda environment.)

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Thank you so much! I did as you said and made a new environment. Also, apparently I wasn’t choosing the right interpreter in VS Code so I fixed that, but now I’m getting an OSError as follows, what could this be?

Are you running this on a Mac ARM CPU (aka “Apple Silicon”)? I’m not sure that’s supported by this package. . .

Yes it is the Apple Silicon, I’ll just use Google Colab. Thank you so much for your help!