Conda-forge re-rendering of a feedstock removed necessary files in .ci_support

I re-rendered the refnx feedstock, REL: v0.1.45 by andyfaff · Pull Request #63 · conda-forge/refnx-feedstock · GitHub. However, when I did so I got the error message:

Hi! This is the friendly automated conda-forge-linting service.
I wanted to let you know that I linted all conda-recipes in your PR (recipe) and found some lint.
Here’s what I’ve got…
For recipe:

  • The feedstock has no .ci_support files and thus will not build any packages.

i.e. the rerender process failed and removed necessary files. To get around this I force-pushed to a previous commit to remove the problematic changes. However, it seems that rerendering is causing issues.

The re-rendering process made changes to:

D	.azure-pipelines/azure-pipelines-linux.yml
D	.azure-pipelines/azure-pipelines-osx.yml
D	.azure-pipelines/azure-pipelines-win.yml
D	.ci_support/linux_64_numpy1.22python3.10.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/linux_64_numpy1.22python3.8.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/linux_64_numpy1.22python3.9.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/linux_64_numpy1.23python3.11.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/linux_64_numpy1.26python3.12.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/osx_64_numpy1.22python3.10.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/osx_64_numpy1.22python3.8.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/osx_64_numpy1.22python3.9.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/osx_64_numpy1.23python3.11.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/osx_64_numpy1.26python3.12.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/win_64_numpy1.22python3.10.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/win_64_numpy1.22python3.8.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/win_64_numpy1.22python3.9.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/win_64_numpy1.23python3.11.____cpython.yaml
D	.ci_support/win_64_numpy1.26python3.12.____cpython.yaml
M	.gitattributes
M	.gitignore
D	.scripts/
D	.scripts/
D	.scripts/
D	.scripts/run_win_build.bat
D	azure-pipelines.yml
M	recipe/meta.yaml

Added a comment in the PR. Your skip syntax was wrong.

Applying the suggested syntax change caused several runs to fail. Also, something appears to be seriously wrong with the rerendering process.

Check again :slight_smile: Applying that fix made the CI jobs run again, which revealed the errors. Rerendering after applying the syntax fix made the runs pass.

Thank you for your help, it seems to be working now.