CondaSSLError: OpenSSL appears to be unavailable on this machine. OpenSSL is required to download and install packages

Hi there,

I have created a new environment wradlib and trying to install wradlib in that environment from anaconda prompt. But it throws me the following error.

Python version: 3.9.13

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for posting the question. A lot of other folks are hitting this bump too. Please take a look at this GitHub issue. Note that the issue is still open, but some people have been able find workarounds for their situation. If you do find a solution their that works for you, can you post it here?

Dave C

Hi Dave,

Finally I could able to solve this issue. To brief the problem, I was not able to install wradlib package in the new environment which I created with the environment name ‘wradlib’ but I could able to install the same in the base environment. Here is the way I could able to install wradlib package in the wradlib environment.

(base) C:\Users\Admin>conda install -n wradlib wradlib

Note: Here 1st wradlib is my environment name and 2nd wradlib is the package name.

You can check if the package installed in the environment or not by following the below steps.

(base) C:\Users\Admin>conda activate wradlib
(wradlib) C:\Users\Admin>conda list