Dual packages -- underscore vs dash?

I am trying to install setuptools_scm – I’m getting:

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

  setuptools-scm     conda-forge/noarch::setuptools-scm-7.1.0-pyhd8ed1ab_0
  setuptools_scm     conda-forge/noarch::setuptools_scm-7.1.0-hd8ed1ab_0

So one with a dash, and one with an underscore – WTF!

Will this cause problems? are they actually different (same version, but different hash – hmmm)

Why does conda-forge have them both??

OK – I dug a bit more – looking at the feedstock, it looks like setuptools-scm is the actual package, and setuptools_scm is a dummy package that requires setuptools-scm
I am still very confused as to why the Python packaging community want to use dashes in “distribution” (i.e. package filenames) names when they can’t be used in a Python importable name – even more so, why the “normalized” version is with the dash !!! But, oh well, out of our hands.

However as what you actually import is with the underscore, I would prefer to have the underscore name be the actual package, and the dash name be a dummy, if need be.