Env Building Inside Other Env Directory

I have never seen this happen and unsure how I got here and how to fix it. To summarize what I am seeing, in my base environment (i.e. what is there when i use conda deactivate) I used conda env create -f environment.yml and once the environment is created, I can activate it, but it is showing the name as a path to where the environment is stored instead of just the environment name. Additionally, that new environment location is inside of another environments directory, so it looks something like this:
and all other environment paths are

some more background:
I am trying to build a fresh environment from a yml file. My only guess is that it happened from when I was trying to build a package from a osx-64 tarball on my M1 chip (channels available are osx-arm64 and noarch). I was following this stackoverflow and I believe having done the “conda index” is what made this happen as it is the only thing I haven’t used in conda before. Unfortunately, this is also a weird issue to try to Google, so I am hoping someone here may be able to help me figure out what I did that is making my environments now build inside of a different environment directory and how to undo it.