Failing to installing miniconda for multiple users on Ubuntu


I’m trying to install miniconda for multiple users on Ubuntu 22.04.3.

I have installed miniconda at /opt/miniconda3 by following these steps: Miniconda — miniconda documentation

I am now trying to follow this guide for configuring it so that multiple users have access: Installing for multiple users — Anaconda documentation

My problem is that the first command “sudo group add mygroup” returns “sudo: group: command not found”. This seems to be an ubuntu issue rather than conda. I know I have sudo privileges. I’m also new to administering stuff in ubuntu, which has left me stumped on this problem.

Has anyone encountered similar, or have any idea where I should start?

Thanks in advance,

As you say this isn’t really a conda issue. Did you try searching for that error message? I see this for instance: Bash Group command not found - Ask Ubuntu

Hi. Thanks - yes I did try searching for this message. Searching “sudo: group: command not found” has few hits, but one is a similar issue about setting up groups for docker, but which wasn’t answered.

I did see the link you’ve posted - that isn’t my issue unfortunately; groups works as expected from my user account.

Perhaps try sudo groupadd mygroup (no space between group and add)?