How can I contribute to this site?

There are many ways you can make this site more useful and welcoming to the conda community. Thanks for your interest in improving the site.

The short version:

That’s it. If you want more detail about any of those see below.

Ask questions

Ask a question by creating a new topic, or by adding something to an already existing topic.

If a similar question already exists, then add your question to that question. If your question is the same then you can just say “I’m having this trouble too.” You may find that someone has already answered your question.

Answer questions

If you see a question you can answer, or can point them in the right direction, then please take some time to do that.

Recognize others’ contributions

This site is powered by gratitude. Please help power it.

You can add a reaction to posts that asks a great question, makes a great point, or is a great answer. Let authors know that other people appreciate thier work. Thank you notes are welcome too.

Post an announcement

Have news that’s relevant to the conda community? Then post an item in the News category to let the world know.

Help unanswered questions find their answer(er)s

A challenge with any Q&A site is making sure that most questions get a response. You can help:

  1. If a question isn’t clearly stated, add a brief response encourging them to provide more information.
  2. If a question has been answered before, add a response that points them at that topic.
  3. Join Ground Control! Ground Control actively works to find and recruit1 answers and answerers for these questions. Interested in fighting back frustration? Then please reach out to a Ground Control crew member.

1 Which is different from writing answers ourselves.

Be civil

Improve any discussion that you participate in. The Site Guidelines and the conda Code of Conduct govern this site.