Https:// - a fast package search website

Hey everyone!

Im very proud to annonce the launch of , a fast conda package search website with many more features to come.

For more information about the company and the website see: Launching! | The blog

If you get the time to check it out, Im very curious to your thoughts! Would also love to see if we can work together with the community here!



Looks like a great website!

The new conda-index creates a per-subdir SQL database of indexed packages and has some code to combine them here: conda-index/ at main · conda/conda-index · GitHub

metayaml is a datasette view of that schema over the main channel, plus a couple of tables to track repodata and allow dependency queries. We sometimes refer to it when doing packaging work, but it isn’t intended to be a product.

A script downloads repodata.json, places it into the repodata_packages table, then uses conda-package-streaming to pull metadata out of those package files and into the database without having to download the whole package.

I’d like to develop better tools for understanding collections of conda packages based on the SQL conda-index cache.