Infrastructure Resources

Resources for conda ecosystem infrastructure:

Additional resources will be added here as they are created or we locate them.

Could we add here? Its a website that provides a very fast package search of popular channels.

HI @baszalmstra,

First, I apologize for the slow response. I was at a conference last week and, dang, it is hard to catch up.

I don’t think that Mamba belongs in the Contributors ⇒ Infrastructure category. Mamba is covered elsewhere:

Feel free to argue that it actually does belong here. We are making this up as we go. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for posting,
Dave C

Hey @tnabtaf ,

The website is unrelated to Mamba (except for the makers). I wanted to add it to this discourse group because it’s a very useful website when searching for available packages, their conda-forge feedstocks, or other relevant information. Its also much faster and easier to use than existing alternatives.

Maybe this category is not the right one, do you have a suggestion for another? :slight_smile:


Hi Bas,

I apologize. I obviously did not read your original post fully. :-/

YES! That package search is wonderful. Hmm, I think the best place for this would be in a pinned “Resources” page for the Users or the Users ⇒ How do I … ? categories. (I lean towards putting it in How do I …?) Neither of those categories currently has a Resources page.

Bas, would you be comfortable creating a resources page in the Users ⇒ How do I … ? category? Do you have enough background in the conda ecosystem to do that? If so, go for it (and I will pin the page and possibly add to it). If not, I can create that page, but it won’t happen until next week.

Thanks for your patience,
Dave C