Intent to format all of conda, conda-build with black

We are planning to reformat all of conda and conda-build with black (probably with a 99-character line length) within the next 60 days.

Today, we are using darker which only reformats changed code. Once we have reformatted the entire codebase, we can continue to run black unconditionally over all the code, without having to keep track of what’s changed.

This may cause conflicts with some outstanding pull requests, and cause them to be unmergeable in the GitHub user interface. Usually these can be resolved by merging main with the pull request and resolving a few conflicts, or by committing a reformat to the pull request first, and then merging main into the PR.


We will probably get this done after the March conda release currently in progress.

I will be happy to help with merge work needed to update outstanding PR’s.

This has been completed.

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