Issue with downloading a package and activating the working environment using Anaconda


I would be happy to help with downloading a package (PySimpleGUI) for the code I’m running. When I try to download the package, I encounter a failure and can’t resolve the issue. I’m attaching the error message I’m receiving and additional information from the terminal. I would appreciate assistance on how to activate Anconda and enable the installation of the package.

Thank you!

Current interpreter: Python 3.11

It looks like PySimpleGUI isn’t available in the anaconda defaults channel, but is available in conda-forge. You could try conda install -c conda-forge pysimplegui, although you may want to read up a bit on conda-forge and figure out how to set up an “all conda-forge environment” as mixing the two channels can sometimes cause awkwardness.

I managed to download the package, thanks!