Need help! So weird failed PR in conda-forge, but successfully in local computer (conda build .)

Hello everyone,
I’m Fu, recently I have developed a python/c++ package, and I want to publish it to conda-forge. I have successfully built it in macOS and Windows by PR to conda-forge, and successfully used conda build . in macOS and Linux(red hat). But always failed in the Linux platform as PR to conda-forge.

The error occurred in the test stage, said can’t import the package, although I have successfully installed it, so weird. Is there some trick? Does anybody want to have a look at my recipes and project, or who should I ask for help?

The staged-recipes is in GitHub - shakeflow/staged-recipes: A place to submit conda recipes before they become fully fledged conda-forge feedstocks, and the project is in GitHub - shakeflow/noiseflow: Ambient noise, the PR is in


@OUCyf ,

First, I apologize. This message has apparently been sitting in the moderation queue for 24 days. I have no idea how I missed that for so long, but I will double check my notification settings so this does not happen again.

Second, are you still having this issue?

Dave C