🦃 November Releases: conda 23.11.0, conda-build 3.28.1, and conda-libmamba-solver 23.11.1

November 2023 releases are here! Conda 23.11.0, conda-build 3.28.1, and conda-libmamba-solver 23.11.1 are now available on both main and conda-forge. :confetti_ball:

The following is just the highlights, for a more in-depth announcement head on over to the blog post on conda.org.

We would also like to highlight that the docs have also gotten a little refresh, hopefully making them more approachable and easier to navigate. If you have any feedback, please let us know!

In the latest release of conda, menuinst v2 support has been added bringing application shortcuts to macOS and Linux (previously only available for Windows). A new health checks plugin hook is also now available allowing conda doctor to be extended.

To update conda, run:

conda install -n base conda=23.11.0

In the latest version of conda-build, efforts are underway to eliminate legacy conda functionality (e.g., replacing conda.models.dist.Dist with conda.models.records.PackageRecord) and we also fixed conda_index’s unnecessarily verbose logging for cleaner build logs.

To update conda-build, run:

conda install -n base conda-build=3.28.1

In the latest version of conda-libmamba-solver, we added improved support for CTRL-C signal handling and continued to address inconsistencies between the classic and libmamba solvers.

To update conda-libmamba-solver, run:

conda install -n base conda-libmamba-solver=23.11.1

Check out the changelogs for conda 23.11.0, conda-build 3.28.0, conda-build 3.28.1, conda-libmamba-solver 23.11.0, and conda-libmamba-solver 23.11.1 to see what else is new!