Private conda channel directory structure

Hi there. I am creating a private conda channel for use and am looking for some guidance on directory structure. I have been following – Creating custom channels — conda 24.1.1.dev23 documentation – and understand the basics of separating out by platform. However, I was looking for the best practice for how to separate out different versions. Is it common practice to store several versions under the same directory level? I was hoping to use something like: channel/v0.0.1/ and so on. However, I then seem to need to pass in -c channel/v0.0.1, even if I run conda index on the root directory. This would make it hard for developers to use in the future, particularly if they must update the channel each time. I was hoping to simplify this somehow and was looking for some best practices or guidance here. Essentially, I would like developers to be able to use: pkg==0.0.2 -c condachannel and not have to use pkg==0.0.2 -c condachannel/0.0.2

I apologize in advance if I missed a post about this… I did a brief search and couldn’t find anything directly on this.

Thank you in advance for reading this!


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What is it you are trying to version here? the entire channel? If so, then yes, it would be a different channel, as far as conda is concerned.

But why version it? each package is versioned already – so I’m not what versioning you are trying to do on top of that?

Thanks, Chris. That makes a lot of sense.

I was just hoping to have slightly easier readability when looking at the channel’s directory structure, but I guess that isn’t really that important.

I will just throw all the versions in there :slight_smile: