Python version difference in conda_info, and conda_list

During an install, I got an error related to my Python and Cuda versions being incompatible. To check, I activated my conda environment, and I am confused why “conda info” and “conda list” display different versions. Can anyone educate me? Here is a listing:
C:\Users\Tracy>conda activate Python3119

(Python3119) C:\Users\Tracy>conda info
active environment : Python3119
active env location : C:\ProgramData\anaconda3\envs\Python3119

python version :

virtual packages : __archspec=1=skylake

(Python3119) C:\Users\Tracy>conda list

packages in environment at C:\ProgramData\anaconda3\envs\Python3119:

Name Version Build Channel

cuda-cccl 12.4.127 0 nvidia
cuda-cudart 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-cudart-dev 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-cupti 11.8.87 0 nvidia
cuda-libraries 11.8.0 0 nvidia
cuda-libraries-dev 11.8.0 0 nvidia
cuda-nvrtc 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-nvrtc-dev 11.8.89 0 nvidia
cuda-nvtx 11.8.86 0 nvidia
cuda-profiler-api 12.4.127 0 nvidia
cuda-runtime 11.8.0 0 nvidia

python 3.11.9 h631f459_0_cpython conda-forge

pytorch 2.3.0 py3.11_cuda11.8_cudnn8_0 pytorch
pytorch-cuda 11.8 h24eeafa_5 pytorch
pytorch-mutex 1.0 cuda pytorch

In “info” my Python version is 3.11.7, but in “list” it is 3.11.9.
Also in “list” some of my Cuda packages are 11.8, but others seem to be 12.4. My actual Python and Pytorch environments seem to be working fine, and I am able to use Cuda to run Pytorch tensors on my Nvidia gpu, but I don’t understand these conda listings.

I think that what you’re seeing in conda info is the version of Python being used by conda itself. The version in conda list is the Python you have installed in your environment. (I don’t know what’s up with the differing CUDA versions, or if it’s a problem.)

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