Questions about the newest conda version (and incompatibility with mamba)

Hey everyone,
I just recently did a fresh install of miniconda. My normal procedure is to installs miniconda, then set channels (defaults, bioconda, conda-forge) and then install mamba into base.
So, I did this and I experienced some strange behaviour:
(I) I normally install using bash Miniconda3-latest-MacOSX-<arch>.sh. I’ve see that since some time, the recommended way to install is the silent install:

mkdir -p ~/miniconda3
curl -o ~/miniconda3/
bash ~/miniconda3/ -b -u -p ~/miniconda3
rm -rf ~/miniconda3/
~/miniconda3/bin/conda init bash #OR ~/miniconda3/bin/conda init zsh

Can you think of a reason, why this recommendation changed?
(II) Linked to (I) the new installer seems to have decline license as default option. So when you start the installer and just hold ENTER to scroll through the license agreement, you would decline it, if you don’t release it early enough. That was easier before, since the default action was neither accept nor decline.
(III) It seems like mamba from conda-forge does not work anymore. So, when I installed mamba into my fresh miniconda install, I could not get it to work.
mamba install <package> always fails with this error:

ImportError: dlopen(~/miniconda3/lib/python3.11/site-packages/libmambapy/, 2): Library not loaded: @rpath/libarchive.13.dylib Referenced from: ~/miniconda3/lib/libmamba.2.0.0.dylib Reason: image not found

I haven’t gotten an satisfying answer to that yet, but it seems to be related to the new conda-libmamba-solver. Is mamba obsolete for miniconda now?
Thanks :).