Reclaim namespace: Apache Sedona

Hi all,

I am the PMC chair of Apache Sedona. Some folks created a conda-forge repo for us: GitHub - conda-forge/apache-sedona-feedstock: A conda-smithy repository for apache-sedona.

But the package there was broken and can no longer publish new release.

We have created a PR to fix this about 5 month ago but no one respond to us. Can someone help us merge this PR and add me (GitHub ID: jiayuasu) as the maintainer? Build conda packages for Sedona 1.4.1 by Kontinuation · Pull Request #12 · conda-forge/apache-sedona-feedstock · GitHub

Jia Yu

See FAQ — conda-forge 2023.11.02 documentation . In a nutshell, if the maintainers do not reply, tag @conda-forge/core in the GitHub PR that adds you as maintainer.

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