Reclaim namespace. our package on conda-forge has been abandoned by the fellow that created it

Our package is called “scikit-fem”.

In the early days of our package, someone got it onto conda-forge (that was version 2.4) They subsequently abandoned the effort.

Our package is currently at version 8.1, but you must install it using pip, because we can’t update the package on conda-forge.

Given that we can’t contact the original creator of the conda-forge link to scikit-fem, is there anything we can do to regain control of the namespace?

In a nutshell, we want conda (mamba) install scikit-fem to get you version 8, not version 2.


Just open a PR to the feedstock that updates the recipe so that it builds correctly (and ideally passes the test suite).

You can add yourself as a maintainer in the same PR, which, once merged, will give you all the rights you need to take care of the conda-forge packaging.

If you’re stuck you can tag me.

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