Rename package on conda-forge


I am the main developer of a library and the manager of the feedstock for conda-forge. I want to change the name of my library and, of course, the name of the conda-forge package. Principally because the original name of the package (BasicTools) was poorly chosen (by me).

How can do the renaming (I’m working on the V2 of the library with the new name) of the library without abusing of the conda-forge infrastructure?. I know I can just change the url and the name of the package in the feedstrock, but I don’t know if this is the correct way to do it.

Do I have to do all the staged-recipe process all over again?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Felipe,

There are a couple of paths forward. You could stick with the same feedstock name (basictools-feedstock) and just rename the package in the meta.yaml. If you want to maintain backward compatibility for users still using the old name, you could add additional outputs with the old basictools-* names that just have the package with the new name as a dependency.

But I would honestly say it would be cleaner to just submit a new recipe for the package at staged recipes with the new name. Again, you could make outputs in the new feedstock to produce the packages with the old name. If you go this route, before you get your new recipe merged, you should ask to have the old feedstock archived by someone from conda-forge/core. And it wouldn’t hurt to to check with whoever reviews your new recipe to make sure they agree that this is the best way forward.

Thanks Xylar for the feedback,

I finally decide to do a new feedtock, this way everything is going to be coherent (name of the feedstock<-> name of the package). I will ask the conda-forge core team to archive the old feedstock after the end of support. (I think it will take us 6 months to merge all ours codes to the new version).