Required Python version 3.7.14 for miniconda

Hi Team,
we are working with or py38 and py39 versions to build the docker images and when we check for python version it is showing version 3.7.11. But due to a security issue( NVD - CVE-2020-10735) with some of python versions, we need to upgrade the python versions to 3.7.14/3.8.14/3.9.14 /3.10.7 in our base environment as these versions fixes the issue. May know when the conda team is coming up with this if possible? We even tried to create the new environment using the said python versions(3.7.14/3.8.14/3.9.14/3.10.7) on top of the base environment but the image building process is failing. Could I get any help here?



You can check which Python versions are available here (use the version dropdown):

As you can see, none of the versions you ask for have been published (yet). These are the feedstocks that control that process:

This comment provides some insight about why the releases are not available yet, which ultimately boils down to this thread in Python’s Discourse. The thread is now closed but you can read the last message for a summary:

This post is now closed. Users, especially those joining only to post here, have shown a continued inability to stay on topic, to avoid heaping judgement on the maintainers, and to avoid retreading already addressed ideas, despite repeated admonitions. It has generated way too many flags and meta discussion. Multiple maintainers, who are the ones you want to communicate with, have expressed that they no longer follow this thread for the stated reasons. This thread has served its purpose to communicate that there is still work to be done, that users are affected by it, and that performance can be improved. Contribute concretely to the speed and docs efforts if you want to contribute positively

So it sounds like we’ll need to wait :slight_smile:

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