Upgrading python

How can I upgrade my python 3.1 to the newest version? I have miniconda installed and just updated that. Once I upgrade, will it be accessible in all my conda environments? Many thanks!

conda update python

will get you the latest Python available.

If you want to lock down the version to a particular minor version, say 3.10:

conda install python=3.10

You will note that it will update many (maybe most) of your other packages as well, to keep them all compatible (and also up to date)

That will only update the environment you run the command in.

If you want all of your environments updated, you’ll have to run that command in all of your environments.

Yes, that seems like a pain, but the entire point of environments is that they can have different versions of everything in them, including python itself – they are completely isolated.

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OK, many thanks Chris!

Well … shoulda worked but I’m getting this msg:

‘The environment is inconsistent, please check the package plan carefully
The following packages are causing the inconsistency:’

Whereupon a bunch of packages are listed.

I’m unable to update to the latest conda version or install a more current python.

Create a new one:

conda create -n latest-python python
conda activate latest-python

Got it fixed Jaime, thanks.