Welcome to the conda Community Forum

Welcome to the conda Community Forum

The conda.discourse.group website is an online forum for questions, answers, discussion, and announcements about the conda ecosystem. The conda ecosystem includes any conda-compatible tools and resources that enable people to manage their software installations, and their run time environments.


The goal of this site is to create a library of community insight into how things work and can be done in the conda ecosystem. You participate in this effort every time you post a question or a respone, or upvote a topic.


This site is built on Discourse and Discourse is built to be a “Civilized Place for Public Discussion.” That goal sums it up nicely. For more guidance and info on the site itself see:

Site Organization

The site is divided into several broad categories. Categories are focused on particular topics and audiences. The site’s top-level categories are

  • News
    • Items of interest to the conda community.
  • Users
    • Questions, answers and discussion about how to use the conda ecosystem to manage software packages, and to manage multiple run time environments.
  • Package Builders
    • Questions, answers, and discussion about how to make software packages available in the conda ecosystem.
  • Contributors
    • Questions, answers, and discussion about conda ecosystem development and infrastructure.
  • Site
    • Rules, policies, questions, answers, and discussion about this site. If you have alternative ways to organize the site, or new categories, please create a topic here.

Please try to find the best place for your topic when you create it.


Thanks for being part of the community and for sharing your questions and experience with global conda community.