Windows installers for ROOT

Dear experts,

Is is possible to also provide Windows installers for ROOT in conda [1] ?
I would like to use ROOT with students in my class and naturally there is a mix of operating systems they have. This would be a big help.



Note that there is a previous discussion about this in an issue on the feedstock repo: Build for windows · Issue #95 · conda-forge/root-feedstock · GitHub

Hi, FYI, ROOT builds and is available on Windows x64 since quite a while now…
Note that I replied also on GitHub

Would it be possible to incorporate this new version to conda installers?

It is best to ask on the root-feedstock repo since that is where the feedstock maintainers will see it, but maybe they will already respond to @bellenot’s most recent message.

ROOT is a particularly difficult project to package because it is large. I expect it would not be trivial to add on the Windows build (not extremely hard but it likely needs some trial and error beyond just removing the line to skip Windows). I think the feedstock maintainers would welcome someone trying to add it, but they might not personally have time to do it in the short term.

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