Workflow using staged-recipes: missing information

This is the workflow I followed to submit my PR 22235 to staged-recipes:

  1. Fork conda-forge/staged-recipes
  2. Clone locally
    [2.1] Install grayskull, which I used & recommend because my project is not on pypi
    [2.2] Use grayskull to generate meta.yaml
    [2.3] Copy project/meta.yaml to recipes folder of clone
  3. Review & amend meta.yaml
  4. Commit changes → create PR
  5. If some checks failed, review & push again
  6. All checks have passed: merge button is green
  7. Wait for review?

I have not found any information about what to do next. What is required of me at this point?
Thanks for letting me know.

Yes, the PR has been tagged for review, so you’ll need to wait. It can take at least 2 weeks at the moment because there’s a pretty long backlog.

I assume the Grayskull team has a similar backlog: my bug report from last week has not yet been commented on / reviewed: