Xarray error message using linopy

Hello there
I’ve some trouble by using linopy installed on my environment with the command: “conda install conda-forge::linopy” (successful).
When performing my first linear programming test code, it returns this error: “ImportError: cannot import name ‘Coordinates’ from ‘xarray’ (C:\Anaconda3\envs\Magpie_Linopy\lib\site-packages\xarray_init_.py)”
My configuration is Anaconda 2.0.3 and Python 3.8.18. Library linopy is 0.3.2, pandas is 2.0.3 and numpy 1.24.3.
Any help is wellcome.
Thk you


It looks like the Coordinates class was introduced in xarray v2023.08.0 so you probably need a newer version of xarray.

It seems like linopy has only updated its required xarray version in the last few hours: require higher xarray version by lindnemi · Pull Request #218 · PyPSA/linopy · GitHub

It also seems like the conda-forge linopy feedstock didn’t update the constraint on the xarray dependency correctly for linopy 0.3.2. I have a pull request to fix this.

Until there’s a new release of linopy (hopefully soon), I would suggest you make sure you have xarray >=2023.9.0 and you should hopefully have the required version of the Coordinates class.

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Many thanks @xylar I couldn’t see xarray versions later than 2023.6.0 on my Anaconda environment 2.5.2. Thanks to you and this line code:
conda install -c conda-forge xarray dask netCDF4 bottleneck
I succeeded in updating xarray to the 2023.12.0 version.

And after installing a few solvers from linopy with this line in my env:
pip install linopy[solvers] (Getting Started — Linopy: Optimization with n-dimensional labeled variables), it works


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